Gabrielle New

Gabrielle New

Gabrielle New

Registered Occupational Therapist APRHA, BAMH, OTAUS
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Registered Occupational Therapist APRHA, BAMH, OTAUS


Gaby is passionate about supporting people to develop their innate creativity and find unique directions and solutions for growth and healing in their lives.

A Senior Mental Health Occupational Therapist (OT) and founder of My Way Therapy she specialises in working with people who experience Addiction issues, Complex Mental Health and Trauma Symptoms and works to support people through major life transitions to create the life they want to lead supporting people to re-connect with their wise intuition, self-trust and purpose to facilitate their individual healing journey . In addition to this, she has 30+ years providing Clinical Supervision for other workers

As an OT she offers a holistic, person-centred and soul-focused approach taking into account a person’s Mind, Body, Emotions, Environmental and Spiritual needs and the relationship between these aspects of self to reach ones optimal functioning in what one wants to and has to do in their life.

Gaby has worked in a range of settings in Australia, The UK and New Zealand giving her a breadth of experience so that she is able to offer you quality, professional, personalised support. She is passionate about learning and has acquired many tools that she shares with clients in structured, process-driven, action-based interventions because… If nothing changes, Nothing changes.

Gaby currently resides on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula with her partner and cat Mittens. She is an artist and performer and loves writing, dancing, walking, cooking, learning and adventuring. She has recently taken up Karate and hopes one day to be Kick-ass!

Services offered: 

  • Individual Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Dream work

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