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Authentic Indian Yoga by Rajdeep Rathi

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A note from Rajdeep:



“Yoga is a wonderful practice, and I would like to share with you some of my experiences.


I teach yoga according to the Indian system, which is the best & original teaching of yoga.

Through the practice of Yoga, you can maintain your physical, mental, and spiritual health, achieving balance on all three levels.

The definition given by the World Health Organization, also says that being balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually is the hallmark of a healthy person, and yoga provides you with this.

Yoga also assists in the treatment of many diseases.

Through continuous practice, it keeps you healthy along with making your body strong and flexible.  Provides you with a beautiful lifestyle and Yoga in itself is a natural-based practice that you can use as the best medicine to stay away from diseases for the rest of your life.  All of you who want to do such exercises naturally without medicines, are warmly welcome to my yoga sessions”.

Programs available online and in-person in Himalayas!

Meet Shri Rajdeep Rathi



Shri Rajdeep Rathi is a very dedicated and inspirational yoga teacher.  Rajdeep Rathi is an Indian traditional yoga teacher who lives in the Himalayan region and teaches online and offline yoga from there.

He teaches all deep yogic techniques and during covid, his practice expanded greatly assisting patients in their recovery. Most of the lessons are therapy-based and have assisted many patients to cure and maintain their health through traditional yoga.

He is from an agricultural field and family, so he did a  M.Sc.  in Agriculture Botany from HNB University.  Possessing an excellent spirit for yoga, he did 200 hours YTTC from Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh.  His spirit of teaching and regular practice with himself is of excellent guidance.

All the students are always completely satisfied with him.  Uki has a very strong ideology that he believes in maintaining physical health through yoga. He has done many experiments during the practice of yoga himself.

And now he is teaching people through his wonderful experiences with full devotion.

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