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Mental and Physical Health and Wellness


We offer a wide range of wellness services through a diverse group of therapists and coaches across the world. Our therapists offer both online and face to face sessions so the choice is always yours.

Our therapies range from counselling and psychotherapy to hypnotherapy, life coaching, mindfulness, massage, yoga and holistic wellbeing.

To find the right services for you, you can look up our Expert Team and Guest Specialist section here and our directory here.

Are you new to wellness?

Have you ever wanted to make a difference and touch people’s lives?

Where you always the one to be there for others and listen to them?

Did you ever feel like you have a special calling in this world to make it a better place?

Then maybe the Wellness Sector is meant for you and it’s such a vast sector that you can definitely find something that resonates within you.

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And last but not least, we keep people at the heart of what we do and this positive mindset is evident throughout our organisation.


Our Philosophy

From guiding people towards practicing a healthy and balanced lifestyle to achieving their goals and aspirations, Wellbeing-Direct is all about supporting both their clients and therapists not only in the UK but also around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives across the world and for this reason we also operate a directory with a diverse range of therapists, coaches and other resources that enable us to cater for each client’s special needs and offer person-centred services.

We support people through dark times, by offering counselling and therapeutic services but also through the good times, by awakening the passion in people’s hearts. We enjoy making a difference in every way we can and through this online platform, we take the opportunity to bridge the distance between humans across the world.

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Our mission and dedication is not only towards our clients but also towards our therapists. After all, to bring change and improve people’s wellbeing we must work as a team. For this reason, we collaborate with a wide range of therapists, coaches, personal trainers and spiritual masters.

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