Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan

Narcissistic Abuse Expert


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Helping narcissistic abuse survivors. Stop self-doubt. Live life on own terms.

Flying monkeys, triangulation, smear campaigns, word salad, cognitive dissonance, narcissistic rage, compulsive lying, the reptilian stare, you name it, I’ve personally experienced all these things related to narcissistic abuse and more over a 25+ year period living with my narcissistic family member.

What does that mean for you?


It means that I can empathize with what you, a victim of narcissistic abuse, are suffering through in this very moment as a result of your narcissist’s abusive words and actions.

It means I know that you can’t understand why you’re hating yourself, but want to stop, because it’s ruining your life and holding you back from standing up for yourself, being at peace, and living life on your own terms.


I’ve been through hell and back with the narcissist, and I can tell you now after being no contact for 7+ years, that it is DEFINITELY possible for you to break free, coming out stronger and wiser.

YOU are the hero in YOUR life, and you simply need a guide to break down those seemingly-impossible obstacles in front of you into smaller, manageable chunks.


I am that guide. Allow me to show you how to save months, years, even decades of your precious time, energy, and sanity so you can finally get away from your narcissist.


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